About Us

Floribunda is much more than just a nursery – it is the passion project of Jeff and Suchin Marcus, who have worked for more than thirty years to study, collect and conserve members of the family Arecaceae. The result is one of the largest private collections of palms in the world – a “Noah’s ark” in a time where environmental calamity is rampant. 

This mission has taken them all over the world, from Brazil to Southeast Asia to Madagascar, where they have witnessed the destruction of delicate ecosystems firsthand and have have dedicated themselves to preserving the “princes/princesses of the plant kingdom” in their six acre nursery on the windward side of Hawai’i Island.

When people have a question about palms, whether they are a scientist, scholar, or horticulturalist, they typically reach out to Floribunda to get a first-hand take on what the palm is like outside of pictures and herbarium samples. Floribunda is reponsible for spreading palms all over the world, and species that were once critically rare and endangered are becoming available worldwide. 


Jeff and Dr. Bill Baker w/ Maxburretia furtadoana

With over 850 species planted in the ground, and plans to bring that number over a thousand, the garden is an amazing representation of the palm family, with other rare plants such as Anthuriums and Cycads.

Suchin with Sabinaria magnifica
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