Central / Southern


Further south on the island, a completely different sort of landscape emerges, with canyons and ravines, fire-scorched fields, and a climate with a distinct dry season. Hidden pockets of forest still remain, and familiar genera have managed to adapt to the nooks and crannies of the area.

Dypsis decaryi

The palms in the area include some of the most famous landscaping species worldwide, for example the tristichious “triangle palm”, one of the most ornamental species of the genus.

Dypsis onilahensis

This wonderful species can range in leaf forms, including the famous pendulous drooping variety emerging from the canyon landscape.

Ravenea rivularis

One of the most widespread houseplants, the “majesty palm” looks quite different in habitat, with a tall, robust trunk and bright orange fruit.

Bismarckia nobilis

A legendary landscape palm that is one of the most recognizable species introduced into cultivation from the island. These silvery palms maintain their statuesque presence despite residing in one of the harsher growing areas, surviving intense sun exposure, extended dry seasons, and fire.