Rare & Limited

Container Size:  4 inch

Notes:  An anthurium you have to see to believe – gigantic heart shaped leaves that could wrap a grown person up like a burrito, with some forms bearing color in the veins. One of the most sought after members of the famous genus, available now in limited quantities.

Price:  $50

Limited Time Only

Plants will be removed from this page once inventory has been sold, and may not be available again for a long time, if ever. New plants will be added as they become available so check back often or join our mailing list to get the latest updates.

Plant NameSeedling4in1 GallonNotes
Bactris grayumii$8.00(N)
Basselinia velutina$10.00(N)
Caryota monostachya$8.00
Clinosperma vaginataSold Out
Coccothrinax spirituana (blue)Sold Out
Copernicia gigas$15.00(N)
Cycas multipinnata$35.00(N)
Dypsis coriacea$10.00(N)
Lanonia calciphila$20.00(N)Shipped in Pot
Licuala cordataSold Out
Pinanga tomentella$30.00(N)Shipped in Pot
Pritchardia napaliensis$10.00(N)Domestic
Ravenea lakatra$5.00(N)
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